The Friends of SVD


As a religious missionary congregation,  working in over 70 countries in the world for the las 141 years,  we have come to realize and embrace the contribution of the lay people in our mission.  This led to the birth of a lay organization attached to the Society, famously know as The Friends of SVD.

These have partnered enormously with us in our great vocation to preach the Divine Word to all humanity.  With their contribution of  time,  finances and prayers,  these devoted lay people have proven to be very crucial to our missionaries in the field

This month,  in Nemi-Rome,  the Friends of SVD representatives from all over the world have met to exchange ideas and experiences and see how better they can partner with us.  Here in Kenya-Tanzania province the Friends of SVD are helping us a great deal in our parishes and in our institutions.

We want to thank all of them for their dedication and generosity.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  svd

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