Boma Blessing

Boma blessing here in Maasai land is the equivalent of house blessing. A Boma is a compound that hold from one household to even five or more households. This is because of the polygamous culture of the people. A man with 4 wives for example will have 4 household in the same compound or Boma. In the middle of the compound is the cattle shed which is the Centre of the social-economic life. A house blessing involves many aspects of the lives of the people. Though the people are still converting to regular Christianity and more so to conventional Catholicism … Continue reading Boma Blessing

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

It is a common saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Which means that for one to go as far as one thousand miles away, the start is always a step. Here in Good Shepherd mission, the beginnings never cease. For the last sixty years and counting, the missionaries have been developing the mission both spiritually and physically. From just one mission station in the entire district, now there are more than five missions. The Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) have two missions in the vast Maasai South plains. The Good Shepherd parish began with the … Continue reading The Journey of a Thousand Miles


  As the Churches and other places of worship shut down due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the People of  Nadonjukin, an outstation of Good Shepherd Simanjiro Parish which is run by the Divine Word Missionaries believe that after this pandemic is over, they will need more space. This is why they have not abandoned their plan to build a permanent Church because their mud one is falling apart. At the beginning of April, the construction works began and by the close of last week of the month, it had reached the lintel. When you ask any person if they … Continue reading THIS TOO WILL PASS

The Corona Virus Lessons

    A few months ago, life was what many of us would say “normal”. However, this normal has changed and the new normal has taken charge of the world. What we called ‘normal’ was people going about their businesses, selling and buying even things that are not supposed to be merchandized such as the case we had in Kenya recently, where some cartels had invaded the blood drive programme and were selling free donated blood to the patients at exorbitant prices. It was the normal where people refused to slow down for their fellow humans, who they had left … Continue reading The Corona Virus Lessons

Mission Possible

Last Sunday 19 December 2020 was unique in it’s own way.  I had a wedding celebration of one of our catechists in his outstation called Loltepes. It had rained a Heavely and the roads were almost impassible because of the black cotton soil stretches that even a powerful 4 wheel drive car cannot pull through.   with the help of one guide we tried an alternative route which we believed it was better,  only to get stuck midway. We had to get back to the usual route which the car could not pass and left the car in one pariahioner’s … Continue reading Mission Possible