Taking Seriously the Word of God


One of the 5 important pillars of our Christian faith is the Word of God – the Holy Scriptures.  Others include the Deity,  the Creed, the Holy Place and the Liturgy.

It is by reading and reflecting upon the Scriptures that we come to know the will of God for us.  Unless we read attentively and intentionally, the Word remains mute and inactive to us.

When God realized that his Word, spoken through the prophets was not alive enough to inspire his people to come back to him,  he decided that his word should take flesh and dwell active and tangible amongst us.  “So the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (Jn 1:14).

Many times we hear the Word of God being read and preached to us.  While that is one way of knowing the Word, it is very necessary for us to read and reflect on the Word by ourselves because God wants to speak to us as much individually as in the community of believers.

On every third Monday of the month, the Friends of SVD, a lay associate group of the Divine Word Missionaries, together with the confreres working in Arusha city in Tanzania meet to read, reflect,  meditate and share the Word of God.

Last Monday on 16th October 2018, Brother Douglas Simoneti, the coordinator of Bible Apostolate in the province,  took the members through the method of praying with the Word of God.

The group gathered in St.  Joseph the Worker Parish in Olasiti for the event. Later we shared a meal together to celebrate the gift of our mission here in Arusha.

We thank Brother Douglas for organizing the input and Fr.  Boniface for hosting us.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee, SVD


Come Holy Spirit and Dwell in your Children

Confirmations in Burka Parish Arusha

On Sunday 14 October 2018, the Archbishop of Arusha Archdiocese Isaac Amani was in our SVD Parish in Burka to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation to 115 young boys and girls. Together with them were also 135 others who receive the Eucharistic Jesus for the first time.

In his Homily, the Archbishop who is only 6 months old in the Archdiocese since he was inaugurated in April, stressed on the importance of separating the celebration of the Sacraments from big parties and extravagant spending that has cropped into our religious celebrations.

he urged the laity to play their role in bringing up their children in Christian values because it their vocation.

The Archbishop added that it was sad to see how people are being misled in matters of faith because they do not take time to learn more about the things that constitute our this faith.

After the two long masses that lasted about 8 hours, the Archbishop together with the children and the priests gathered to share a meal to celebrate these great gifts of God to the children.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

A Festive Feast

During this years SVD Family Feast in CFC Nairobi, the confreres played a volleyball march between the seniors and juniors. The end result was a draw of two sets to two. Everyone was happy.

While the strong ones engaged actively in the battle, the others cheered graciously from the sides and others coached on the game.

The photos below explains how it all went down.

We thank the CFC fraternity for organizing this context

Photos by Fr. James Mailady, Fr. James Liu and others.

By Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD