Growing in Faith

A Sacrament is a visible sign of an invisible grace of God. It is a sign established by Jesus himself to confer or to increase grace in the lives of his disciples. The Sacrament of Confirmation confers the gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord) upon the recipient, who must be a baptized person at least seven years old. Someone who is to be confirmed needs to undergo catechetical instructions to make he or she understand fully the tenets of faith and be able to defend himself or herself when faced … Continue reading Growing in Faith

Growing Trees

A few weeks ago we marked the World Tree Planting Day. The evening of that day the TV and Radio stations broadcast how senior government officials in collaboration with local and international NGOs marked the day by planting trees. However, the this year the message was a bit different from other years. Those who spoke urged the people that taking part in annual or occasional tree planting exercises does not mean much to the rapidly changing Earth’s climate if those trees are not natured until maturity. For many years many have participated in these type of exercises. These events only … Continue reading Growing Trees

Do not be afraid

Sunday Readings in Brief 12 BJob 38:1.8-11; Ps 107,; 2 Cor 5:14-17; Mk 4:35-41 Why are you afraid? Dear friends, today is the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time year B. As I explained previously, the Ordinary Time of the liturgical year is the season where we contemplate upon the teachings of Christ about the kingdom of God. Jesus is taking us through different aspects of the kingdom of God through his teachings and signs. Are you afraid of anything at this moment in your life? Many things bring fear in our lives for instance, A student who is waiting for … Continue reading Do not be afraid

One God three Persons

Sunday readings in brief: Holy Trinity Feaast 2021Deut 4:32-34, 39-40; Ps 33; Rom 8:14-17; Mt 28:16-20 One God three persons Dear friends, today is the Feast of the Holy Trinity, which occurs on the Sunday after the Pentecost. Next Sunday will be the feast of the Corpus Christi (Body and Blood of Christ). Trinity from the Latin word “Trinitas” means threefold. As Christians, through the revelation in the Holy Scriptures, we experience God in threefold manifestations, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In today’s first reading, in his farewell remarks, Moses reminds the people of … Continue reading One God three Persons

The Dignity of Work

Last Saturday we celebrated the International Workers’ Day. This day is also the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker who is the patron of all the workers and the example of a wordworking man. Here in Simanjiro we marked the day in style. For the first time we had Demonstrations on the in Emboreet and Loiborsoit villages to sensitize out people on the value of work as well as educate them on matters health and formal education. The main participants were Simanjiro Health Centre staff and Emboreet Secondary School Staff. Our health workers educated the villigers on many health issues … Continue reading The Dignity of Work