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Why Contribute to the SVD missionary activities?

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  1. Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) is a Congregation that works towards uplifting the lives of the less fortunate people by not only bringing the Consolation of the Good News of the Kingdom of God but also that support them to improve their human conditions. This we do through various projects such as Schools to give children relevant education to depend on themselves in the future, hospitals and health centers to bring health services to most remote places, Water projects in Semi-arid places, and Capacity building for service providers like teachers, catechist and community leaders.
  2. All these projects require financing that goes to the construction of facilities, vehicles for mobility, salaries for the staff, nutrition, and other equipment.
  3. In countries where the faith is advanced and faithful understand their role to support their spiritual leaders and even establish social programs, we have no problem. however, many of our missions are situated in remote places where social amenities and infrastructure is poor. In order to run such missions, the Congregation depends on well-wishers and donor-partnership that help us realize our projects.
  4. As missionaries, we dedicate our lives to serving the people following our Religious Calling and the charism of the society. We are like unpaid milkmen who take milk from the owner of the cow to the consumer. Our role is to facilitate people of goodwill to be able to reach out to the vulnerable of society.
  5. We make sure that the wish of the donor, as well as his or her money, really goes to the rightful and intended use. We give factual reports to the donor and involve him or her in our mission because it is not just the money but the heart to reach out that is important to us.
  6. Donate today and become part of Jambo Mission Support (JMS)


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Paybill no 4040277 Account, Name and Purpose


USD A/C:              3267760081

EUR  A/C:             3267760097

KES A/C:               3267760233

BANK:                       NCBA BANK KENYA

Even one dollar used well can change so much the life of a person. You do not have to be rich to be charitable. True charity is sharing the only bread I have with the one who do not have.

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