A visit by a Missionary

  Half a century ago, a missionary could only be thought to come from Europe and America. Though many Asians and Africans had started embracing missionary lives earlier on, it was perceived rather contradictory for Africans to be missionaries. This was not a perception only by the Europeans or American but by Africans themselves. A missionary was had to be white in compression, rich and who brought many gifts whenever he returned from vacations from his or her home country. This perceptions made things very difficult for the local Priests and the consecrated women, when they started taking over the missions … Continue reading A visit by a Missionary

The Death of a Missionary in the Mission is the Seed of that Mission

  Today the 17th September, marks the sixth anniversary of the death of the first SVD missionary to die in Kenya-Tanzania province. Confreres in Nairobi gathered at the tomb of Fr.  Theodore in Divine Word Boys High School and SVD residence in Katani. We continue to honour our departed missionaries by perpetuating what they had began in the mission. Fr.  Lawrence Muthee, SVD Continue reading The Death of a Missionary in the Mission is the Seed of that Mission

Simanjiro Parish Holds Music Festival Friends of SVD Visits them

  The a number of years now, The Good Shepherd SVD parish in Simanjiro, Archdiocese of Arusha, have been holding a Musical Festival involving the choirs from more than 20 substations under the parish. This festival has helped a lot create a sense of belonging among the parishioners of the vast Maasai Steppe, as well as improve a lot the singing during the worship. This year, the celebration took place on the 17th September 2017, held at the kangala substation. The hosting outstation held also a fundraising to build a new Church since they have been worshipping in a very … Continue reading Simanjiro Parish Holds Music Festival Friends of SVD Visits them

SVD KenTan celebrates Family Day

    Family Day celebrations in CFC Langata, Nairobi     (Photo by Frt. Asante) It was the 8th of September, the Feast of the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This marks also the 142nd birthday of the Congregation of the Divine Word Missionaries. Here in KenTan Province, confreres gathered at the Common Formation Center, Langata-Nairobi, to Mark the Feast Day. Our SSPS sisters working with the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda joined in the celebration. It was an Arnoldus moment. We continue to serve the Divine Word by our presence among the people of Kenya and Tanzania, animated … Continue reading SVD KenTan celebrates Family Day

Caring for Mother Nature

    And God said: “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant upon the earth, and all the trees that have in themselves the ability to sow their own kind, to be food for you, and for all the animals of the land, and for all the flying things of the air, and for everything that moves upon the earth and in which there is a living soul, so that they may have these on which to feed” (Gen1:29-30). One of our Christian calling is to care for the creation. As we have seen from tge book of Genesis,  … Continue reading Caring for Mother Nature