Caring for Mother Nature



And God said: “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant upon the earth, and all the trees that have in themselves the ability to sow their own kind, to be food for you, and for all the animals of the land, and for all the flying things of the air, and for everything that moves upon the earth and in which there is a living soul, so that they may have these on which to feed” (Gen1:29-30).

One of our Christian calling is to care for the creation. As we have seen from tge book of Genesis,  God himself put man in charge to tend and care for his creation so that he may benefit from it.

In our days, so much degradation of the natural beauty has taken place mainly because of human activities.

The Church recognizes her role to sensitize the faithful to care for creation.

This month Pope Francis is calling upon us to be extra caring for mother earth. In heeding this call, Fr. Leon Ipoma, svd, who is also the provincial coordinator of Justice and Peace and integration of creation office, led the parishioners of Soweto parish and children from St. Arnld Janssen school in tree planting exercise.

Good job indeed

Fr. Lawrence Muthee,  SVD

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