Partners in Mission

In the vast land of Maasai Kusini (Maasai South) North Eastern part of Tanzania lies our SVD Good Shepherd parish.  The lone parish covers a radius of over 100km with 22 outstations.

It is, therefore, impossible for our two confreres (Fr. Michael Shaji and Fr.  Michael Taneo) to visit these outstations oftenly.  This is where the lay partners come in handy as catechists.  In the parish every outststion has got a catechist who apart from teaching matters of faith and Sacraments, also coordinates the running of these units.

Every month they meet in Sukro,  the outstation that is located relatively at the center of vast savanna land,  which is also the corridor for the animals migrating in and out of Tarangile National Park.

In this meeting, the catechists bring rreports about their catechetical work and other issues affecting their faithful.

These people are volunteers who are not paid a salary but something little to motivate them.  Their faith is a gift to the parish.

This month’s meeting took place at the parish itself and as part of their ongoing formations, the Parish Priest had invited me to give a seminar on issues relating to the role and the character of a good catechist.  I gave the theme: Catechists-teachers and castodians of faith. 

We concluded the seminar with  half an hour adoration.

We congratulate the entire Simanjiro parish for working so hard to bring the Good News to the people of Maasai Kusini.


Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  svd

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