Empowering the community through learning

The proposed St.  Luke English Medium Nursery School in Mateves. Work in progress.

St. Luke Church in Mateves is an outstation of SVD Epiphany Parish in Burka, Arusha. Though it is only 5 km from Arusha city, Mateves is so different. Majority of its dwellers are the Waarusha who speak the same toungue with the Maasais.

Their economical activities include keeping of cattle and farming, both of which depend purely on the rains. When there is not enough rains, these people suffer a great deal.

Another predicament facing Mateves is lack of proper education for the children. The government has recently constructed a secondary school near the only existing public primary school. And as it is the challenge in Tanzania in general, learning in English has just began taking shape with the efforts from the private sector and more recently the government has started embracing the great demands of proficiency in English in the job market. This has limited a great deal those who complete school from public schools in find jobs especially in the tourist sector, which is now booming in Arusha.

After studying this need, I shared with KIPEKEE an NGO that was born 4years ago, of some medical students when I was doing my OTP experience in Spain. These have been collaborating with us in our mission during the last three years in Kenya and Tanzania.

Concerned of this enourmous need, they have this year offered to support a project of an English Medium Nursery School which includes of two classrooms, an office and a kitchen.

This facility will be also used for offering short courses to the youths of the area, including a course in English to extend their horizons.

The work has already started and progressing well. Many thanks to the KIPEKEE fraternity and especially to its leadership led by Miss Lorena Sarjado.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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