Empowering the community through learning

The proposed St.  Luke English Medium Nursery School in Mateves. Work in progress. St. Luke Church in Mateves is an outstation of SVD Epiphany Parish in Burka, Arusha. Though it is only 5 km from Arusha city, Mateves is so different. Majority of its dwellers are the Waarusha who speak the same toungue with the Maasais. Their economical activities include keeping of cattle and farming, both of which depend purely on the rains. When there is not enough rains, these people suffer a great deal. Another predicament facing Mateves is lack of proper education for the children. The government has … Continue reading Empowering the community through learning

Burka Parish kicks off Parish House construction

For 8 months since the blessing and groundbreaking by the His Lordship Bishop Prosper Lyimo, auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Arusha, Epiphany SVD parish in Burka Arusha have commenced the construction of the Parish House. Since the coming of the SVD in Arusha, the confreres working here have been staying in a house that used to house the first bishop of Arusha. However, due to the proposed expansion of the Dodoma Road along which the house is Located, the house has been marked for demolitions because according to the city plan, half of the building is sitting on the … Continue reading Burka Parish kicks off Parish House construction

The Friends of SVD

Friends of SVD meeting with Fr. Samy after attending the final vows in CFC Langata, Nairobi Friends of SVD is a lay faithful group under the Divine WOrd Missionaries (SVD). The main calling of the group is to help the Divine Word fathers and Brothers in their service to the people of God in our parishes and institutions. They collaborate in our activities both materially and spiritually. They meet every third Monday of the month in the house of one of the members in a rotating program to pray, share the Word of God and deliberate on the mission and … Continue reading The Friends of SVD

Somewhere to lay the head

  For the few years, since our newest Parish Elect in Morombo, Arusha, was named, Our two confreres working there: Frs. Peddy Castellino and Norman Labutan have been living in Olasiti Parish. We have been calling them “day-scholars”. Very soon they are going to have somwere to lay there head and serve the people much more efficiently. Yesterday, 20 August 2017, the Parish Elect held an Harambee (fundraising), to complete the remaining part of the house. According to the Parish Priest, the people of Morombo have been amazingly generous. apart from the parish house, the people have also contributed toward the … Continue reading Somewhere to lay the head

Volunteering at its Best

  Spanish Medical Practitioners in a medical camp Mateves and Simanjiro Volunteering has become the way to offer charity by the 21st century generation.  People who go out of their way to reach out to their less privileged fellow humans. This week,  a group of spanish medical practitioners under the organization Medical Expeditions of the YOUCANYOLE,  are camping in our missions in Arusha, Tanzania.  They are holding a free medical camp. So far they have attended more than 400 patients with different kinds of illnesses. It is a collaboration that has improved the health of our people greatly.  Many have … Continue reading Volunteering at its Best