Volunteering at its Best


Spanish Medical Practitioners in a medical camp Mateves and Simanjiro

Volunteering has become the way to offer charity by the 21st century generation.  People who go out of their way to reach out to their less privileged fellow humans.

This week,  a group of spanish medical practitioners under the organization Medical Expeditions of the YOUCANYOLE,  are camping in our missions in Arusha, Tanzania.  They are holding a free medical camp. So far they have attended more than 400 patients with different kinds of illnesses.

It is a collaboration that has improved the health of our people greatly.  Many have receive a second chance to be able to see clearly after they received spectacles.

With them is a team of translators from our youth group here in Arusha.  The young translators tells me that it has been a wonderful experience to interact with people from other parts of the world and work together. Their horizons are widening.

We thank the YOUCANYOLE group for their generosity.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee, svd

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  1. YOUCANYOLE group is a blessing. Being one of the volunteers (in transalting) i’ve learnt alot from the Spanish volunteers. Their spirit in serving people (giving back to the community) with too much love is just unexplainable. This giving back event has left a mark in my life. Blessings!!


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