Church men ball game

    Yesterday the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time year A, the Catholic Men Association (CMA) football team from Divine Word Parish Kayole in Nairobi, met their counterparts at Holy Trinity Parish Buruburu, for a football head to head Archdiocese of Nairobi inter-parish competition. This is in preparation for the upcoming deanery competitions. The team and the equipments were sponsored by the CMA Kayole. Many thanks to the entire DIWOPA CMA fraternity and the Confreres working there, led by the Parish Priest Fr. Justus Rottuk, svd, for making the event a success. CMA members Kayole Continue reading Church men ball game

Does what I wear matter!

Today we watched a news item on the 9 O’clock news bulletin, where by 3 men, who had been arrested for assaulted a young lady indecently dress in 2014, were today sentenced to hanging to death by a court in Nairobi. I was commenting with a friend about what this means for us as Christians. As far as we do not condone the heinous act by these men, we need also to be objective about what we think about the whole issue of being decent. Miss Winnie had this to say: “Dressing /decency may easily be termed as a very controversial … Continue reading Does what I wear matter!

…little progress everyday…

Since bodies are involved in certain changes, which cannot be reduced to local movement, one must acknowledge their fundamental non-simplicity which is further explained as an essential composition of potency and act. In this doctrine even the soul of living beings has its own natural place (Aristoterian Philosophy of Change) Reflection: Can all change be explained merely in terms of local motion? Are bodies simple? Are bodies mere aggregations of molecules or atoms? Is their structure simple or is there a fundamental complexity in the structure of the bodies {substances}? Is there any need to resort to the theory of … Continue reading …little progress everyday…

Bringing Christ to our homes

Today the 17th July 2017, here in our SVD Epiphany parish in Arusha, Tanzania, have started the house blessing for all our parishioners. The program will run until mid August. We have about 1500 families from the last year’s records. We are blessing 2 Christian communities (Jumuia) per day, starting from 4pm. The kick-off has been successful covering 86 homes. As we traversed the streets, three Lutheran families pleaded that we do not bypass them as we blessed the homes of their neighbours. We pray for the blessings to make our christian homes really a place where all that visit … Continue reading Bringing Christ to our homes

100 Years of Priesthood

Next year (2018), the Church in Tanzania will be marking 150 years of Evangelization and 100 years of priesthood. The first Catholic missionaries (Holy Ghost Fathers) entered Tanzanian mainland through Bagamoyo in 1968, before venturing to other parts of the country. The first Tanzanian priests were ordained in 1918 marking the centenary celebrations, that were kicked-off last year by the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference. Here in the Archdiocese of Arusha, all the priests, led by his Eminence Archbishop Josaphat Louis Lebulu and Most Reveled Bishop Prosper Balthazar Lyimo, the auxiliary Bishop of Arusha, marked the beginning of the celebrations, in a … Continue reading 100 Years of Priesthood