Pre-Secondary Program

It has been 3 long months that has come to a closure today, for a hundred boys and girls who have been preparing themselves to transit Secondary School come next year 2018.

This program is organized by Epiphany SVD parish in Burka – Arusha, in order to absolve many children who finish their primary school education three months before they can join the Secondary Education.

Every year we organize to have qualified teachers to introduce them to the Secondary School Subjects for easy transition into Secondary School the following year. This also prevents them from staying idle in the streets and engage in risky aactivitiesthat may prevent them from continuing with their education, especially pregnancies for girls,  drugs and crime for the boys.

So far we have noted that those who undrgo this program have been doing very well in secondary schools.

We thank the parents for bringing their children and the teachers who have been helping them.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  SVD

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