Marking 150 Years of Evangelization

Today our SVD Epiphany parish in Arusha marked the ongoing Jubilee of 150 years of evangelization in Tanzania and 100 years of native priesthood instyle. the climax of the Jubilee is scheduled for next year 2018.

In our parish, we marked this by a Choir Competition, tha brought together choirs from 44 Small Christian Communities in our parish, grouped into zones.  A total of 7 choirs paparticipated, singing the Jubilee song given by the Catholic Episcopal Conference of Tanzania: “Wakatoliki Tufurahi” (Catholics let us Rejoice).

It was very exiting and colourful especially being the very first time we are organizing such of competion in our parish. we intend to have this competition every year as one of the activities that will bring our parishioners together as one family. Being in the City, it is difficult even for people who attend our four mass on a Sunday to interract.

We thank all our parishioners taking to themselves to practice and sing so well. All the choirs scored more than 80% of the total 100 points, meaning that they had all put a lot into the practice.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  SVD


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