From the Constitutions of the Divine Word Missionaries 115 we read in part: “In the different means of communication we recognize indispensable, effective ways of bringing the faith to all peoples and deepening it, of keeping the whole Church aware of its missionary obligation, and of strengthening that love which is the expression and source of all community”. This puts communication in its different forms at the very core of our missionary activities as a missionary congregation. Trying to define communication as a discipline, Mr. Paul Baraza, a part time Pastoral Communication lecturer at Tangaza college, and my one-time lecturer, … Continue reading COMMUNICATION COURSES IN TANGAZA COLLEGE NAIROBI


SVD communications is intended to be a tool that links The Divine Word Missionaries missions and institutions that make up the Kenya-Tanzania province. Communication is the first and the greatest instrument of Evangelization. God Himself communicated life to us and through His Son and the Holy Spirit, communicated to us His love and salvation. As Religious Missionaries, our core mandate is to communicate the Divine Word to God’s people in the best way that they can understand and feel the His presence among and in them. All other endeavours may they be: Studies, material things, Mass Media, can only acquire meaning … Continue reading SVD KEN-TAN COMMUNICATIONS