SVD communications is intended to be a tool that links The Divine Word Missionaries missions and institutions that make up the Kenya-Tanzania province. Communication is the first and the greatest instrument of Evangelization. God Himself communicated life to us and through His Son and the Holy Spirit, communicated to us His love and salvation. As Religious Missionaries, our core mandate is to communicate the Divine Word to God’s people in the best way that they can understand and feel the His presence among and in them. All other endeavours may they be: Studies, material things, Mass Media, can only acquire meaning if and only if they are geared toward facilitating this communication.

Sometimes we misunderstand communications to mean, electronic gadgets such as computers, cameras, etc, as well as internet. these by themselves are not communication but they facilitate it. Communication means passing of a message or information from the sender to the receiver, henceforth inducing a reaction and a response from the receiver. This reaction can only come about if the message is understood.

In our case as missionaries, the message we are called to communicate is that of the LOVE OF GOD to his people and the information we are supposed to let known to the people is that of the Word of God revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ. For instance, those who preach the Word of God need to learn the best methods of doing so and make effort to improve the way they communicate in order to help the people understand what God is telling them. Those who teach need to develop the best methods of teaching to deliver well the information that will help transform the lives of the listeners.

The work of the Communication coordinator as stipulated in the Handbook for Superiors is as follows:

7.4.1 Promotion of a basic communication education program for all confreres in formation in the province, as indicated in the 1985 generalate document, For All the World: Divine Word Communications Ministry; (Nuntius XII, pp. 231-250);

7.4.2 Organization of seminars, workshops and similar sessions to facilitate an ongoing formation in communication for the confreres in the province and the laity that work with us;

7.4.3 Promotion and coordination of communication activities in the   province using, as far as possible, those media that already exist;

7.4.4 Planning in cooperation with other provinces in that area;

7.4.5 Evaluation and recommendation of communication activities to be undertaken in the province through advice to the provincial council; (see D13 and D17);

7.4.6 Preparation of a triennial report to be sent to the generalate through the provincial council (see D21and D22); 36 Handbook for  Superiors

7.4.7 Furnishing any report or information requested by the communications coordinator at the generalate;

7.4.8 Participation in communication meetings and congresses on the national level and, in special cases, on the international level.

Having understood this mandate and its importance, I would like to call upon all of us confreres to join hands and make use of this office to communicate the many good things we are doing in our particular missions to others, so that seeing our good works they might glorify our Father in Heaven (Mt. 5:16).

May the Holy Spirit who is the communicator per excellence help us to be better communicators of the Word and the Love of God to His people.


Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

Communication Coordinator

Ken-Tan Province


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