A Day of Joy and Celebration

Simanjiro Catholic Mission

On 6th September 2020, the Priests and the faithful of Good Shepherd SVD parish in Simanjiro, Tanzania, gathered in one of the farthest outstation to celebrate the Parish Feast day. The patron of the parish is Jesus The Good Shepherd. However, since the parish was handed over on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the parish celebrated this day on the Sunday closest to the 8th September. On this occasion, as usual, three main events takes place to mark the day.

The main is the Feast of the Good Shepherd, which is decollated with a choir festival that comprises of Choirs from all the outstations and a fundraising meant to help the local outstation to build their Church. This is because still many outstations do not have permanent Church buildings. Many have earthen structures and still others worship and the tree.

All the outstations bring their contributions and the receiving station prepared the occasion. Also we have invited guests and the guest of honor who help in the fundraising. This year the competition song was “Zaeni Matunda Mema” or ‘Bear Good Fruits’, a traditional catholic hymn by Fr. Songoro.

This year’s celebration was even more historical because it was the day that 17 out of 22 catechists were given brand new Motorcycles to help them with their evangelization ministry. Simanjiro parish covers a vast area of about 100 Square Kilometers with 28 villages where the faithful meet for prayers. The priests only manage to cover the entire parish in two to three months.

The motorcycles were sponsored by well wishers who follow our mission events through the articles and stories that appear in Techny Mission Magazine. Many thanks to the Techny Mission Secretariat led by Brother Dan, SVD.

With these motorcycles, the catechists will be able to take the Word of God to families and Christian community of our vast parish. It is a very huge mission boost in this part of the mission of the Church.

Some of these stations can only be accessed by motorcycles especially during the rainy season. other times only by foot and with a lot of difficulties.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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  1. Well done SVD Congregation for a great mission in Simanjiro under the guidance of Fr Lawrence Muthee. May God bless you abundantly Fr. Your effort is seen in actions. You are the star of your Congregation.
    Keep it up!!!!!


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