Visitation for Better Missioning



During the last four weeks, Fr. Xavier Thirukudumban, SVD, the General Admonitor, has been in our Province for the general visitation. This kind of visitation takes place every six years. The Generalate (General Council) visits all the SVD Provinces, Regions and Missions (PRMs) to assess the progress of the missionary work, listen to the individual confreres and groups, interact with the people we serve and partner groups, and finally gives a comprehensive feedback and recommendations that helps to better our missionary work.

On 12th and 13th of September, the visitation by Fr. Xavier came to its conclusion with an assembly that gathered all the confreres working in the three SVD districts in the Province. He presented his report and recommendations. Generally he pointed out that the SVD mission in East Africa is vibrant and confreres are highly motivated. Our missions are doing very well and are very visible in the dioceses where we are working. The local ordinaries are pleased by our mission style and the missionary contribution that makes our Parishes outstand in many aspects.

The assembly ended with a family feast that celebrated 144th birthday of the foundation of our congregation. We thank God for all his graces and for the gift of each and every SVD missionary working in the province.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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