The Mysteries of Joy By Evans Koech


What Joy it Brings?


With the wings He appeared, He comes the good news. Though weird it appears, Salvation of the World is what it bears, Gabriel comes with Annunciation.


With a leap on her womb, Even the unexpected get amazed. Unlike the unbelieving groom, in her heart happiness blooms, Elizabeth receives the scoop.

With the hustle of a room, no doubt Mary was in labour. Looking for a place to give birth, some place high in the rocks of Bethlehem, away from the water but sheltered from wind.

I have heard of this happening before, normally eight days after birth. positively thrilled to present the Lord, here they come with a dove, the Temple leaps with joy.

From house to house they searched, like looking for needle in hay stack. Wishing they had a picture to described, With worry their heads scratch, looking for him with the Temple scribes. 

Next…The Visitation…

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