Trees do not Rain, they are Planted!!!



Trees are one of the most important component of our ecosytem because they play a very important role in maintaining the cosmic balance. Some of the functions of trees include: Purifying the air we breath, Providing a cover that prevent soil eroion, breaking strong winds that help in reducing the damage on crops and infrastucture, they attract rains and conseve soil moisture by there shade. All these uses are only possible when the trees are alive.


However, human beings tend to ignore these important functions of the trees and capitalize on other uses that are only possible with dead trees. I would rather not mention them here. Planting trees is not a hard thing to do, but taking care of them until they grow needs commitment.

After cutting the naturally grown trees that we did neither water nor take care of, it is now not time to lament about the changing climate, which is the repercussion of our actions, but rather the high time we started planting more trees and taking care of them seriously. It is our responsibility to secure the well being of the next generations since we are the ones who have destroyed what we inherited from our fathers. Each one of us need to take an active role in caring for the environment.


It is in recognizing this important responsibility that Our SVD run Immaculate Primary School in Mihang’o, Nairobi, led by the school director Fr. James Mburugu and over 50 community leaders set on a tree planting exercise on Saturday 14, 2018. We at Jambokentan would like to applaud them for putting into action the tree-planting-campaign that for many only end in big television shows and words that never translate into actions.

Involving the young children in this exercise will also inculcate in them the sense of collective responsibility in taking care of our common environment. We only urge them to make sure that these trees do not die but rather grows into a forest.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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  1. Great article. ‘Trees don’t rain trees are planted’ have ready this article just because of the heading. Very interesting. God blessing you for this. I hope it will inspire those who read it to act. Do something for our mother earth.


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