Somwere to Lay the Head


“Warm welcome – Trinity Villa”

It has been a long wait for the confreres working in our Holy Trinity Parish elect In Morombo,  Arusha.  On the glorious celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord, Trinity Villa, that will finally house them making it easier to serve the people, opened its doors to th parishioners, who were eager to witness the fruits of their generous financial contribution as well as their earnest prayers to thet Lord.


The priests assigned – Fr. Peddy Castelino & Fr. Norman Labutan were happy to receive them in their new home. As a sign of welcome, everybody received a piece of cake. Likewise, children enjoyed sweet lollipops given to them.


We congratulate and thank all who contributed towards the realization of this important parish amenity.

Karibuni sana!!!

Fr.  Norman Labutan,  SVD

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