The World is Beautiful


He loves nature and appreciate the beauty of the creation. This can be demonstrated in his love for photography that mostly focuses on the beauty of the environment and in the faces of people. His photos speak a lot about his every keen eye on the extraordinary beauty in our surroundings that passes many of us unaware.

Not only does he demonstrate this beauty through the lenses but he also, more often than not, wraps up his sleeves to maintain and perpetuate this beauty through planting and taking care of flowers and trees.

Fr. James Mailady a Divine Word Missionary from India working in Kenya for over 20 years now, has been gifting all of us with Christmas Cards, that he makes out of the photos he takes of nature and the people. Take for example this card that he made for his Silver Jubilee in priesthood.


More recently he treated us to a wonderful Photo Exposition from his archive of collection. The photos are also on sale to help in his cause. Take a look.

What I have learnt from him is that, instead of spending a lot of time lamenting about things that are not right in the world, we can as well choose to see the good things that there is and appreciate the abundance of beauty that surrounds us. Keep it up Father. It is a great contribution to our lives.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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