Visiting South Sudanese Refugees in Bidbidi – Uganda


My trip to Bidibidi settlement of South Sudan refugees is an important one. Fr. Joseph Kallanchira, the AFRAM Zonal coordinator and I paid visit to our confreres along with Fr. Heinz Kuluke, Superior General of the Divine Word Missionaries at Lodonga, in Uganda.


Our confreres and SSpS sisters welcome us and made us feel at home. On Ash Wednesday we visited one of the five zones in Bidibidi settlement of the South Sudan refugees. Their life is miserable, though cared for by UNCHR, they lack happiness and peace. Most prayer intentions were all about peace in South Sudan so that they could return home.


Mr. John, one of the catechist of the chapels, shared with us that he has been in refugee camp four time, including this one. It was shocking. Our confreres and sisters do tremendous sacrifice in many ways to serve these Christians from South Sudan.


Fr. Hienz was happy visiting this humble place and am sure he should be happy to see confreres working in such a hardship areas of East Africa.


God bless our confreres and sisters, God bless Divine Word Missionaries.

Fr. Leo Fernando, SVD

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