((Readings: 1st: Isa 58:7-10; Ps: 111; 2nd1Cor 2:1-5; Gos: Mt 5:13-16)

Today being the 5th Sunday in the ordinary time, our Holy mother church reminds us about our basic mission to be salt of the earth and light of the world. When we were baptized, we received the Light of Christ so that we can use it to illuminate where there is darkness in the life of others so that through us, they can see God who is the true light of the world.  Our Christian witness is our salt and through our lives and actions, we bring taste to the life of many who have lost hope.

In our first reading, the prophet Isaiah gives examples of how to allow the light of God to shine.  “Share your bread with the hungry, shelter the homeless poor; clothe the naked when you see them, and do not turn your back from your own kin.   Then will your light shine like the dawn, …your light will rise in the darkness, and your shadows become like the noon.” (Isa 58: 7, 10). The absence of these basic necessities renders humanity in darkness and makes life meaningless.  

How can I become the salt of the earth and the Light to the world? In a world full of darkness, and hopelessness, Jesus is asking you today like salt and Light to perform the following 3 functions:


One of the main functions of salt is to season food, to give it a taste and flavor.  After baptism we were seasoned with the new life which comes from Christ called the grace of baptism (Rom 6:4). Our sinful and dark history was buried with Christ and we received a new identity as the children of God, people of hope. In a world full of depression, and hardships Christians should bring taste to life by living a life full of hope, joy, and peace because our happiness is not connected to any worldly things but to God himself.

In a world where the sacrament of marriage is tasteless, a Christian should bring back flavor to this vocation. In a world where living is meaningless, Christians should bring back taste and meaning through works of mercy and charity. In a world where people have lost interest in matters of faith, a Christian should keep the fire of faith burning under all circumstances.  When salt is mixed with other impurities, it becomes tasteless. We should not allow impurities (Sin) to take away our ability to be a flavoring agent. Therefore, we need to keep ourselves free from sin (Ep 5:3-7).


Salt was the commonest of all preservatives in the ancient world when people did not have fridges and freezers.  It was used to prevent the putrefaction of meat, fish, and fruits. As the salt of the earth, Christians must have a preserving influence on life and society to prevent the corruption of moral, spiritual, and cultural values. What happened to the good cultural and moral values we had? As the salt of the earth, you are called to preserve the faith which you have received and to pass it on intact to others.  This Gospel is a big challenge to us Christians of the 21st century. We have not been faithful in preserving the faith and value we have inherited. The Church is to preserve modesty (1 Tim 2: 9), morality (Eph 5: 3-12), honesty, and integrity (John 8: 44-47). St. Paul’s teaching helped in preserving the right faith and morals among the Corinthians. Christians have an obligation to preserve faith and morality.


The salt is extracted from the purest of all things; the sea and sun. Therefore, it is considered a symbol of purity. It is believed that salt keeps the seas of the world pure. Salt is added to water recalling the blessed salt which God asked prophet Elisha to scatter over water to make it pure and invoke protective powers of salt and water to heal and drive away the power of evil (2Kg 2:21-22).  In lieu of this belief, Jewish sacrifices were always offered with salt. As the salt of the earth, the Christian must be an example of purity, keeping the standards of absolute purity in speech, conduct, and even in thought. Our call is to live the Holiness of life so that looking at our good works, people may give praise to our Father in heaven. 

In brief, God calls His children to be salt of the earth in order to add flavor and meaning to the life of others, to preserve and purify.  He has called you to be the light to the world in order to shine and illuminate the lives of others, remove them from darkness to the knowledge of God who is the true light.

PRAYER: May the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. Amen

Fr. Antony Muchui, SVD

 Have a blessed Sunday!!   ((Contact our vocation office on +255629269140 or +254792299140))

“May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the word and the spirit of Grace; and may the heart of Jesus live in the heart of all the people. Amen” SVD Prayer

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