Ready to Operate

After more than 7 years of waiting, finally Simanjiro Health Centre opened its operating  theatre on October 2021. Throughout the years many well wishers have put a lot of investment in terms of finances, medical equipment and hard work to put up this crucial facility in this remote area of the larger Maasai Stripe.

The main help came from SVD St. August Mission procure, Athenry Partnership, among others and the hard work of the SVD confreres who have been working in Simanjiro catholic mission for the last 19 years. The Tanzanian government also did its part by installing the grid electricity to the village hence making it possible to operate the surgical equipment.

Our surgical team have gone through team building and accessment in a goverment facility for two weeks and this culminated with the granting of official authorization by the District Medical Officer (DMO) to begin operating Caesarian Section for expectant mothers.

Our health centre is the only facility with such services in a radius of 100km. This makes it very clucial as far as saving the lives of mother and child is concerned. Due to geographical and cultural challenges facing the women and girls in Simanjiro, our Health Centre operates like a referal facility. On one hand people do not go to hospital until they have tried every other local treatment they can lay their hands on and fail. On the other hand the distance from the Bomas (homesteads) are far and the roads are not the best. For this reason our 10 years old land cruiser ambulance is a live saver. Now it is experiencing problems raleted to age and rough roads.

This operation facility is a huge blessing to the people of Simanjiro. Running it though as far as paying the surgical team and buying theatre consumables is concerned, is a walk in the park. We will rely more on well wishers now that we have been doing before. We welcome all those would like to partner with us to serve the people here as we also continue also to educate them on self-reliance movkng forward.

We thank God for all the efforts of so many people to make this facility dream come true.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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