The Sorrowful Mysteries by Koech Evans


Koech At pains to accept the plan, Is really possible he can. To bear the pain God grants, He agonizes in the garden.

Feeling the pain of scourging, more of the pain encroaching. With the superiors coaching, soldiers perform without couching, Son of Man comforted by a pillar.

Son of Man of all the crown, fitted instead of golden crown. This time with thorns brown, feeling the pain deep down, Jesus crowned with the thorns.

sins of man heavy on shoulder, no one can carry such a boulder. Simon offers his shoulder, mom looking heart colder, feeling pain as she wonders.

Son of man on the Cross, even the sun eyes close. with the mom standing close, seeing the son eyes close, Jesus dies on the cross.


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  1. Thanks Fr Lawrence I like the debate on Celibacy especially on the issue of Child abuse. It only dealt with sexual abuse. The challenge here is how do we make our institutions safe and free from different forms of abuse (emotional, neglect, physical, and spiritual??). I believe that it is not just sexual abuse but there are other forms of abuse that take place in our institutions. To be on the safe side, let us make people aware of these different forms of abuses. Many people can fall victims because sometime I may have good motive when doing something just to be accused of committing the crime at the end of the day.
    Many teaching concregregations have fallen victims of Child abuse by administrating corporal punishment. In the church a catechist in his line of duty can do the same. We can bring the debate closer to us as well. Let us create forums in our institutions to engage on how to keep the children under our care safe. The issue appear to be distant but yet very close. My own experience, I have been teaching for a while now, looking back in my early days as a teacher, I used corporal punishment. If any of those student sue me today of an abuse I will be guilt until proven innocent.


    1. I totally agree with you Brother. Ignorance is one factor that make people find themselves in trouble. We need to creat awareness and also say things clearly to tje young ones who want to join. There is also the trend coming up of people who are looking for all opportunities to discredit the Church and extort monies. These have discovered ways to blackmail. They can even stage manage the issues and leave it to the public jury. Obviously the cleargy and religious acused will be always at the receiving side.

      However, this must not discourage many good intended religious and clergy from serving the people. Man can never be perfect but with proper training and true living of the values a lot of evil can be avoided. Many also who become religious and clergy might have been abused while they were young. They also come from the same society and not from heaven.
      You cannot know the intent of every person who come to seek help from the religious and clergy. But God is always watching.

      Let the debate continue.


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