Come Holy Spirit and Dwell in your Children

Confirmations in Burka Parish Arusha

On Sunday 14 October 2018, the Archbishop of Arusha Archdiocese Isaac Amani was in our SVD Parish in Burka to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation to 115 young boys and girls. Together with them were also 135 others who receive the Eucharistic Jesus for the first time.

In his Homily, the Archbishop who is only 6 months old in the Archdiocese since he was inaugurated in April, stressed on the importance of separating the celebration of the Sacraments from big parties and extravagant spending that has cropped into our religious celebrations.

he urged the laity to play their role in bringing up their children in Christian values because it their vocation.

The Archbishop added that it was sad to see how people are being misled in matters of faith because they do not take time to learn more about the things that constitute our this faith.

After the two long masses that lasted about 8 hours, the Archbishop together with the children and the priests gathered to share a meal to celebrate these great gifts of God to the children.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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