Simple Helpful Skills

When I was growing up as a child, we used to grow coffee.  Coffee is one of the world’s favourate hot beverage, but do you know how tedious it is to produce a gram of the finished product on your breakfast table? Up to now there is no coffee harvesting machine known to me.  Every Berry is hand-picked when ripe. This can be very exhausting and time consuming. As little children, our parents taught us the value of work and not just work for the sake of it, but perfect work.  My father used to say,  “if you want to … Continue reading Simple Helpful Skills

A Pastoral Visit like no other

As missionaries working far away from our homes, a visit from a family member, someone from our home parish or district, is something very important and helpful. It not only reminds us of what we have left behind but also it renews our motivation in the mission. Last weekend, 26 Parishioners from St. Ann Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Meru – Kenya, made a pastoral visit to our Epiphany Parish in the Archdiocese of Arusha – Tanzania. They came to visit one of their very First Priest and Missionary from their parish: Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD as well as … Continue reading A Pastoral Visit like no other

My First Love

  Last week I left the parish and went to accompany some novices in their retreat. I had a four month stretch that had left me exhausted and drained. This made the request by the Novice Mistress to preach the retreat very appealing to me. I knew that I needed some refilling.  I had planned to spend the time also to reflect about my own ministry, taking advantage of the quiet environment of the retreat. We began the retreat by focusing on the very first motivation each one of them had at the time they decided to leave their homes … Continue reading My First Love