Recycling Crackers Containers


Recycling is a very common term in matters protection and conservation of the environment. However, many tend to think that recycling is a big thing that requires a lot of resurces and establishments. This myth is dimistified by the simple things that simple people do, in their small ways to make use of such wastes like crackers’ containers.

The crackers’ container is firm and durable but many may think that it does not have any other use after its content has been emptied. Our confrere Fr. Leon Ipoma, the Parish Priest of Soweto Catholic Parish in Nairobi knows otherwise. He has discovered how to make use of these containers. He has turned a small corner of his kitchen into a small candle manufucturing plant, using the empty crackers’ containers.


With  a string tied on the two windows on either side of the corner, he drops the candle threads into a few empty crackers’ containers and pours melted candle wax in them. In les than half an hour he is back to harvest the already solid candles. This idea surprised me and I am now working on a project with the youth in my parish to start a candle manufucturing plant, especially for the pupple advent and lenten seasons’ candles.

JamboKenTan would like to congratulate Fr. Leon for his innovative idea and for generously sharing it with us. Fr. Leon asked me to publish about it so that many others can learn.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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