Getting Ready for the Chapter

Provincial Chapter Bunner.jpg

This year 2018, the Divine Word Missionaries in the world are holding its 18th General Chapter ssince the foundation of the Society in 1875 by St.  Arnold Janssen.

The chapter is a moment of renewal and recommitment to the mission.  It is a moment to evaluate our contribution to the betterment of the modern world as missionaries. The theme for this chapter is “The Love of Christ impels us”.


Here in Kenya-Tanzania province,  we are holding our Provincial Chapter from 21-22nd February 2018 in view of the General Chapter theme. Our presence in these two EastAfrican countries has been significant for the last 34 years in Kenya and 18 years in Tanzania.

We work with the maginalized communities as well as communities in low income townships.  We see Jesus in the people we work with to bring about spiritual,  economical and social prosperity.  The mission of Christ is our mission and the world is our parish.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  SVD

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