Little by Little the Dream Takes Shape




It was on August 23rd when the first consignment of materials to set up an English medium Nursery School in Matepes, Arusha was delivered. Two months later, the dream structure that will serve the people of Matepes as a nursery school for the children, youth center and catechism classes, has taken shape. The main contribution has been from KIPEKEE, an NGO started by some Spanish medical students, led by Miss Lorena, in cause to respond to the needs of the neighbour, in this case the people of Matepes village located in the outskirts of Arusha.

Other generous contributors whose contributions have helped with the finishings include Mrs. Simona from Madrid, Mrs. Jackline of Madrid Plus language academy, Spec consultancy in Nairobi, Mrs. Josephine from Nairobi, Mama Lolo and family from Cameroon, Miss Teresa from Madrid, Miss. Winnie Kamau of Heritage insurance Nairobi, Mrs. Devotha from Matepes, Mrs. Shirikwa and the family (who have provided a room for the builders including preparing food), the Women of Mateves who have been taking turns to cook, Catechist Charles who has been providing security as well as being store keeper, Small Christian communities of Matepes who, led by the chairman Mr. Mmasy,  have contributed in different ways and finally but not the least, the builders led by Mr. Wilbath, among many others who have collaborated in this noble cause. We want to thank you all for believing and sharing in our cause to transform the society through modern learning.

We still need to put ceiling boards, chairs and tables for the children and office furniture. We are especially most grateful to God Almighty for bringing us to this point. We believe that through his help we will be able to complete the remaining part and inaugurate the school. We are appealing for more help to complete the remaining part.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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