Concern for others

Sunday readings in brief 4 Easter 2021 Acts 4:8-12; Ps 118; 1 Jn:1-2; Jn 10:11-18 Concern for others Today is the fourth Sunday of Easter, which is also known as the Good Shepheard Sunday. The Church today preaches about vocations to Priesthood/Religious life and married life. However, the emphasis is placed on the promotion of vocations to Priesthood and religious life because the numbers the harvest continues to increase but the labourers are few. In the Gospel today, Jesus presents himself as a good shepherd who is very concerned about his sheep. He juxtaposes the good shepherd with a hired … Continue reading Concern for others

Laying Foundation

Have you tried to correct something that was wrongly taught or explained? Let take the example of a song that was initially taught to a choir without following the music notes. Or correcting the pronunciation of some words which were taught wrongly. It is always a difficult task. In our mission in Simanjiro, the people were either taught wrongly the precepts of the Christian faith or they understood it wrongly.In the parish that covers more than 6000 square kilometers and comprising of over 20 villages, we have more than 10,000 baptized Christians. However, more than 90% of men are polygamous. … Continue reading Laying Foundation

Hope Renewed

Sunday Readings in Brief Easter 2021 Easter Vigil: (1) Gen 1:1-2:2; Ps 104; (20)Gen 22:1-18; Ps 16; (3) Ex 14:15-31. 15:1; Ps-Ex 15; (4) Is 54:5-14; Ps 30; (5) Is 55:1-11; Ps-Is 12; (6) Bar 3:9-15. 32-4:4; Ps 19; (7) Ez 36:16-17a.18-28; (8) Ps 42; Rom 6:3-11; Ps 118; (9) Mk 16:1-7 Easter Sunday: Acts 10:34a. 37-43; Ps 118; 2 Cor 3:1-4; Jn 20:1-19 Understanding Easter Vigil Dear friends, this is the second Easter that we are marking under the Covid-19 weather. Once again we will not be able to celebrate the mystery of our salvation in what we would … Continue reading Hope Renewed