A Heart’ Soup with James Mailady, SVD

Oyster Stew There was once an oyster whose story I’ll tell,Who found that some sand had worked under his shell.Just one little grain but it gave him pain(For oysters have feelings that are very plain).Now did he berate this working of fate,That left him in such a deplorable state?Did he curse the government? Call for an election?Or gripe that the sea should have given protection?No! He said to himself as he sat on the shelf,“Since I cannot remove it, I think I’ll improve it.”Well, years passed by as years always do,Till he came to his destiny, Oyster stew!But the small … Continue reading A Heart’ Soup with James Mailady, SVD

A heart’s Soup with Fr. James Mailady

A layman’s request If, as a layman, I could offer one prayer to religious it would be this:Please don’t just try to teach me about God.Don’t just try to instruct me with your wisdom,Or impart to me your knowledge.Let me see your humanness, your mistakes,Your weakness, but let me also see you loving God,Trusting in Him, believing in Him,Let me see how important God is in your life.Let me see the unmistakable witness of the time you spend in prayerLet me see in your face the face of Christ.Anonymous Have you ever wondered what would be the expectations of the … Continue reading A heart’s Soup with Fr. James Mailady

A Heart’s Soup with James Mailady

A Pilgrim’s Prayer “To discover your face, to abide in your home, to know you Lord, where do you live?”I had the privilege to be part of a pilgrim group that made this prayer their own – to be one among the millions that visit the Holy Land. We were 22 pilgrims, men and women from 9 congregations and 11 home countries. Some of the veterans in the group, having worked in Africa for about 40-45 years. The oldest being 76 with his walking stick and hearing aid and the youngest 38 years of age with his mobile and the … Continue reading A Heart’s Soup with James Mailady