Young Missionaries Group


Last Sunday 07-07-2019, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Young Missionary group in our parish.  ‘Young Missionaries’ is a household name among the Divine Word Missionaries here in Kenya-Tanzania Province. First, it began in our parishes in Nairobi and only last year we inaugurated the group for the first time in our Epiphany Parish, Burka, Arusha.

This group was started to fill the vacuum that has been there between the period when the children complete their initial sacraments and when they are old enough to join the youth group. we realized that many of them mostly in their last grade in primary school and the majority in secondary school, get lost in between. only a very few of them join the youth group.

This group has brought a lot of life to our parish because the Young Missionaries are also the animators in the children’s mass. They meet on weekends to pray, share the word of God and other matters about life, especially in this adolescent period. Under the guidance of one religious sister and other lay volunteers, the group has grown significantly during the last year.


The young boys and girls have grown in confidence and enthusiasm regarding their active role in the parish. During the celebration, they demonstrated their talents and gifts. Through this group, our Parish has become a good model in the entire Archdiocese of Arusha. In fact, the Archbishop has asked us to share this good practice with other parishes in the Archdiocese.

We thank Sister Phillip from the congregation of Mary Immaculate and the other volunteers who have been great animators of this group.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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