The Young Believers

The young girls of Arusha High School (A level) during their Sunday evening mass.

Working with the young people has been the most fulfilling ministry in my apostolate even before I joined the seminary. Since my high school days, I was involved with mobilization of the young people to know the love of God and enjoy being in the presence of the Lord.

Here in Arusha, I spend every chance I can get with the young people. I have discovered how potential young people are and so I endeavor in pushing them to discover the talents and the gifts they have I show them the trust they most need to fight the negative image the society have of them. This is because I too have become what I am today because I met people along the journey of my life who believed in me, challenged me and gave me the opportunities to discover the great gifts that the Lord has given me. For me now is a pay back time. I can go to great lengths to defend the cause for the youth.

Once they are prepared well and helped to discover and appreciate themselves, the young people can do wonderful things and worship like the seraphim of heaven. The english mass in the school is one of those moments I never wish to end.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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