The New Beginning

Sunday Readings in Brief: Easter 2023

Easter Sunday: Acts 10:34a. 37-43; Ps 118; 2 Corinthians 3:1-4; John 20:1-19

The New Beginning

It is always amazing to me that when Jesus had risen he did not go to the City Square in Jerusalem to show himself to those who had killed him like many of us would have done. He showed himself to the few whom he entrusted to tell the story of his resurrection. I guess that this is what Jesus wished, that his resurrection not become another “Breaking News” and be subjected to misinterpretation and misrepresentation by reporters. In fact, the Jewish high priests had already paid the soldiers to tell a different story altogether.

Instead, Jesus wanted news about his resurrection, to be announced and preached by the people who really believed and hoped in him. Peter and other disciples used a lot of energy to spread the Good News of the risen Christ. Two millennia afterward the Church of Christ is still at pains trying to spread the same message of salvation.

Peter narrates to those listening the life of Jesus and the many good things he did to bring salvation to them. Jesus stood against discrimination of all kinds, cured physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual illnesses, criticized the corrupt authorities of the day, and established a new institution of salvation in his disciples – the Church.

His triumphant resurrection sealed the new order for those who would be his followers. They would be no longer slaves of traditional customs, corrupt systems, or evil powers. Each one would have the power to choose his or her fate.

Paul urges us to act like people who have been raised with Christ and not like fakes. Let us not act as though we never knew who Jesus was because this amounts to betrayal. With him we rise from the many graves we have dug and entered ourselves. Graves of hatred, jealousy, laziness, corruption, greed, etc., and become alive to true love, justice, peace, activeness, and generosity among others.  

Once again, the Gospel presents us with the scenario of the morning of the resurrection. Mary Magdalene, a woman, becomes the first bearer of the great news of the resurrection. She finds the tomb open and that the body of Jesus was missing. Peter and the other disciple not believing them, run to the tomb to confirm and found things the way the women had reported. It had not yet dawned on them that Jesus had told them he would rise again after three days. The evil one has lost, and the grave cannot hold life. we are no longer slaves but sons of God because the Son has made us free.

My dear friend, the mystery of our salvation whose climax we reach today brings us a lot of joy to us. The liturgy of the Church provides us with this incredible season to relive these moments with renewed spirit and motivation to continue to believe, to hope, and to love knowing that our fate is confirmed if we remain faithful to our calling.

Have a blessed Easter.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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