((Readings: 1st: Sir 15:15-20; Ps: 119; 2nd1Cor 2:6-10; Gos: Mt 5:17-37)

Today being the 6th Sunday in ordinary time, our Holy mother church is inviting us ponder upon the law of Christ which is also known as Divine law, commandments, Divine instruction or God´s decrees. When God created man, He kept him in a beautiful garden of Eden, then he gave him some instructions to follow. When he chose Israel as his nation, he gave them the ten commandments. Why did God give laws to man? God gave people laws not suppress them but because He loved them and wanted them to live in an orderly and not chaotic society.

However, God gave man also freedom to obey or disobey his laws. “If you wish you can keep the commandments, they will save you…man has life or death before him, whichever he like, will be given him…” (Sir 15:15-20). If we choose to obey the divine law then we reap the benefits but if we go contrary, we suffer the consequences. The law of God is filled with wisdom and it gives life and happiness to those who are faithful to it. Ben Sira is telling us today that we are victims of our own choices. If we suffer it is because we have failed to make the correct use of our freedom of choice. Let us pray for the grace to understand the divine instruction and faithfulness in fulfilling them.

In a special way today, we will reflect of the benefits we reap from obeying the Divine law and possible consequences if we fail to obey them.


The wise man Ben Sira is telling us today if we choose to obey the divine law then we shall have a happy life but if we choose to disobey, we shall suffer and die. The Psalmist echoes the words of Ben Sira by saying; “Happy are they who follow the law of the Lord!” God is encouraging us to always make the right choices by obeying his laws, which gives us life and happiness. The sufferings we experience in the world are due to the wrong choices that we make. The harsh climatic conditions are a result of our failure to care for the environment. The accidents on the road are as a result of our failure to obey traffic laws. Paul is emphasizing today that obeying the divine law and the teachings of Christ is the wisest thing a wise man can do because it is full of wisdom.


When God created humanity, he also planned to have a special relationship with them and that is why he established a covenant with our forefathers. He chose Israel as a nation to be his Chosen people and to be their only God. This relationship was governed by a set of laws. The more the Israelites obeyed these commandments, the more God was pleased with them and blessed them. Whenever they broke the commandments, God was detested by their behavior and brought calamity and disaster upon their land. God continues to establish this relationship with us through Jesus Christ. Therefore, whenever we go contrary to the teachings of Jesus, we separate and distance ourselves from God and create hostility with God. However, if we keep his decrees, we create a friendly relationship with God and this paves a way for us to ask anything from God with an assurance to be listened and answered. Before we pray, sing and ask anything, we have to first create friendship with God by being obedient to his teachings and remorseful of our disobedience.  When we are obedient to Jesus´ teachings, even the sacrifices that we offer, even our songs and prayers become acceptable to him. If there is something that breaks this bond should first be mended before we come to offer Him sacrifice before the altar.


The greatest reward for keeping the divine law is eternal bliss in the heavenly kingdom. These are the fruits we shall reap at the end of time. Our happiness will not only be limited to this world but it will be eternal. Let us follow the example of saints and the teachings of Jesus Christ in order to attain this eternal reward.

In a nutshell dear friend, God gave us commandments because he loves us.  Life without laws will be chaotic and difficult. However, God has given you freedom to choose to fulfill these decrees or to disobey. Remember every choice we make in this life has a consequence. We are victims of our own choices. If we choose to obey the divine law then we will live a happy life, maintain friendship with God and ultimately our reward will be great in heaven. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the divine law. Let us pray during this mass for the grace to understand and fulfill His teachings. Laws are not meant to exploit, intimidate or suppress us.  They bring order in our life and society. May we become obedient citizen by keeping the laws of our nation. Keep the law and the law will protect you!!!

PRAYER: Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night. Amen    (HOMEWORK: READ Psalm 1)

Fr. Antony Muchui, SVD

 Have a blessed Sunday!!   ((Contact our vocation office on +255629269140 or +254792299140))

“May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the word and the spirit of Grace; and may the heart of Jesus live in the heart of all the people. Amen” SVD Prayer

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