The Indelible Covid-19 Mark

It is one year now since the first Covid-19 cases were reported in China and spread to all parts of the world thereafter. In the initial weeks and months, many believed that this was a virus just like many other that had devastated some parts of the world like Ebola, Sars, Swine fl, etc. No one believed that the novel virus would spread so fast to all parts of the world, either infecting or affecting every single individual on the face of the world.

Covid-19 has changed enormously how we relate and carry out our day today activities. It has marked our lives with an indelible mark for ever.

Some of the things we have been foced to do like wearing face masks will remain a visible mark in the history of the world. Some things we used to do to shower respect and affection such as greetings with hands and hugging are now deemed dangerous.

Recently we had the ordination of Fr. Antony Muchui SVD and we had to write captions on the photos before sharing them in order to identify the people.

Here in our country many economic activities that were tied even remotely to tourism have collapsed. Traveling across borders has become a very expensive venture. First the Covid-19 test have become the new income generating project for goverments and private hospitals. Fares have trippled and extortion has been registered as legal business.

We may not know for sure where the virus is going to get us but what we know for sure is that it has changed our lives. All we can do is pray and hope that this situation may come to and end soon.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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