Old is Gold


Today, 29 July 2019, marked the 84 th birthday of our eldest confrere, Fr.  Tom Layden.  Fr.  Tom has worked in Kenya-Tanzania province for almost 20 years now, after working in Indonesia for almost the same period of time. Fr.  Tom is known in the province for his dedication to reading the Word of God.  He has been readIng the whole Bible at least 6 times a year, for more that 15 years now. He is also a retreat preacher who has given retreat to almost all of us in the province, as well as many other religious congregation in Nairobi and Other parts of Kenya.


Today a few of us celebrated with Tom in our Provincial House. Fr.  Albert Fuchs, Fr.  Michael Taneo and I arrived from Arusha just in time for the cake.  Fr.  Taneo is leaving soon for Indonesia, his home province,  where he has been transferred.  Fr.  Albert is on transit to our former mission in Doldol to attend the ordination of a priest he new and mentored since childhood.


Present also were Fr.  Leo Fernando, the praeses of the house, Fr. Rethinasamy Almadoss, the Mission Secretary and Fr. Machin  who is also in the country to attend the same ordination.  Fr.  Machin had worked in Kenya before he was transferred to USA.

Earlier on some other confreres had taken Tom out for lunch.


We congratulate Fr.  Tom and thank God for his life.  Happy birthday Tom.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  SVD



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