A Chance to Education

A few months a go I run an article about the desire of the people of Noomoton to have a school where their children can learn. Orkiringo (Noomoton) is a sub-village of Narakawo Village. The only primary school in the villlage is 14 kilometers from Noomokon, across a forest with wild animals. The children from this village were unable to attend school due to the distance and the danger o traversing the forest.

Two years a go we started a Small Christian Community in Noomoton and later the Christians managed to put up a small mud Church thanks to the efforts of one old man Mr. Elia Kayam. One day after the celebration of the Holy Mass, we went to take lunch in the home of Mr. Moses Sanjiro the Sub-village Head. Some men from the surrounding homes joined us for Lunch. During the meal, the men requested me to help them put up a nursery school for their children. I could see the concern in their faces about the situation of their children.

I told them, if they were really serious about the education of their children, they needed to demonstrate by contributing part of the construction materials. They agreed to contribute sand, stones and pay the constructor. On my part, I promised to find well wishers to help buy the rest of construction materials.

We are glad to announce that on 18.09.2021, we inaugurated the new Nursery School, thanks to the Gruppo Cassago from Italy who put up the cost of building materials which includes, Blocks, cement, iron sheets, timber, windows, doors, paint, desks and table and the transportation of all the materials from Arusha 150 Kilometers away.

During the inauguration, the local council, the Division Head, the Village Head, the Sub-village Head, Traditional Elders, Teachers from the Primary School, The parish Priest Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD and Bro. Nicodemus Eluka, SVD and hundreds of villagers.

It was a very big celebration with food and drinks for all. We thanks all who contributed to make the dream of Noomoton Nursery school come to pass. We will need more classes as the children graduate to grade one. We implore those who may have any resources to share with us so that the dreams of this children continue to grow big.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD, Simanjiro

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