Moving on

For almost two years now, the world has been experiencing lot of trauma wrought by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Wave after wave, the worst virus ever to affect all the corners of the world without discrimination, Corona Virus and its variants and strains has been devouring lives and causing lot of suffering to both the infected and the affected. It is evident that globalization is not only economical and technological but also catastrophic. Just the way mobile communication has reached to the remotest corners of the world like here in Simanjiro, Corona virus also has not skipped any corner of the globe.

During the year 2020 when the virus was still new and confusing both health experts and government, many things came to a halt. Economies were badly affected and many programs including learning and worship places weresuspended. However, as the world started coming out of denial and started fighting back, many things started opeing up. The vaccination program has even accelerated more the opening up of things.

As a missionary Church too, we know that we need more shepherds of the people of God now more than ever before. Our Seminaries resumed its programs and last Saturday 21 August 2021, five young men were ordained to Church ministries. Two of them were ordained to Priestly ministry and three became decons.

The ceremony was held at Divine Word Parish in Kayole Nairobi, with strict observation of Covid-19 protocols laid down by the Kenya MOH. His Lordship David Kamau the Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Nairobi presided over the ordinations. Many Confreres and lay faithful graced the blessed occasion. We thank God for the gift of these new labourers in his vinyard

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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