Growing Trees

A few weeks ago we marked the World Tree Planting Day. The evening of that day the TV and Radio stations broadcast how senior government officials in collaboration with local and international NGOs marked the day by planting trees. However, the this year the message was a bit different from other years. Those who spoke urged the people that taking part in annual or occasional tree planting exercises does not mean much to the rapidly changing Earth’s climate if those trees are not natured until maturity. For many years many have participated in these type of exercises. These events only remain in pictures and the world’s forest cover continue to diminish. The message this year is “Do not plant trees, Glow trees instead”.

The efforts of dedicated people can transform a lot the face of our landscape with trees. No one understands this better than Fr. James Mailady, SVD. Fr. James has been growing trees in many different missions where he has worked for more than 20 years now. I remember visiting him in Doldol and Kimanju in Laikipia county back in 2005, where he was glowing many trees. Later on he moved to Orkesumet in Simanjiro District in Tanzania where he grew many trees that survive until today. A few years ago, Fr. James moved to the SVD Common Formation Centre in Langata Nairobi and there too he left many trees decorating the compound and giving shade and refreshing breeze to the compound.

Currently, Fr. James is working in St. Raphael SVD Community as a Novice Master and here too he continues to plant and grow trees.

On 12 June 2021, Fr. James led his community in a tree planting exercise whereby 300 indigenous trees were planted in the SVD compound in Katani, Machakos County. The exercise was graced by the presence of Mrs. Mary Mwai the Ecological Conservator Machakos county with her Assistant, The Principle, staff and the student from Divine Word boys, neigbouring religious congregations, Dr. Miriam Lemusian, St. Raphael Community members, the novices and friends.

To make sure that the trees grow to maturity, Fr. James had drip irrigation system installed to water the trees.

After the exercise, High Tea with snacks was served. The whole exercise costed KES 100,000, about USD 1,100 most of it going to the purchase of seedlings.

If you wish to support these efforts kindly check the Paybill number and Account number on “Support our Mission Menu on the top of this page. You can also Contact SVD on “Call or Write to us” menu.

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