Last week from 6th to 8th December, a group of women gathered in our parish for a 3-day semina. These were none other than the wives of our chatechists. In our parish we have 25 catechists who help us in the outstations.  The parish is made up of 25 outstations and more that 100 small christian communities some of which are semi autonomous. Being only 3 priests it takes us more than 2 months to cover all the outstations, visiting on Saturdays and Sundays and some times on weekdays for masses and other sacraments. Due to this, the catechists are … Continue reading PARTNERS IN THE MINISTRY


  Last week the confreres from Arusha District of Kenya-Tanzania SVD province gathered at Carolus Borromeo Retreat Centre for a day of recollection. Before the recollection, the confreres held a meeting led by the District Superior Fr. Peddy Castelino, to deliberate about the progress of the district and to reflect on the report by the General Visitator Fr. Xavier Thirukudumban. The recollection began in the evening with a Bible Sharing session led by Bro. Douglas Simonetti. The following morning we had the input by Fr. Lawrence Muthee. The Topic was from the question that Jesus asked the sons of Zebedee … Continue reading ‘CAN YOU DRINK THE CUP’