Jesus in the Midst of the Youth



This years Emmaus Walk in Arusha SVD District brought together the youths from three parishes and two outstation, that are run by the Divine Word Missionaries. The journey started at St. Luke outstation in Matepes and culminated in Burka Parish.

As usual we began the mass up to the Gloria, then we read the Emmaus Passage from the Gospel of Luke 24:14-35. The two by two we walked meditating upon the passage, the events of Easter and some questions about the youth in the 21st Century.

In the midway, we read the First reading and the Psalms. Then a few of the youths were invited to talk about what they had been discussing on the way. Then we had a symbolic breaking and burning the chains that are tying the youths today. The group mentioned loudly the things that are hindering the youth from achieving their goals and also making their lives difficult and sometimes miserable.



Among the things mentioned were: Abuse of Social Media and the internet, drug abuse, extra marital sex, laziness, lack of faith, among others. The chain was then cut and burn, to symbolize that the participants had resolved to break away from these chains.

After this symbolic gesture, we proceeded with the journey to Epiphany SVD parish in Burka where the Mass continued to the end. Immediately after the mass we had a Bible Quiz from the Four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. Each parish and outstation was represented by three youths who had to answer 25 questions from the book they had read. St. Joseph the Work Parish youths won the Bible Quiz.


Finally we had lunch together and also enjoyed some games as well as awarding the participants and the winners of the competition.

This year the participants had printed T-shirts with SVD KENTAN Logo on it. More than 200 youths participated in this years event.



In Nairobi also the Emmaus took place as usual.


Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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  1. Faith building journey. it brings unity to the young people and hope to the church of tomorrow. KEEP UP! WELL DONE!


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