The SVD Common Formation Centre (CFC), Nairobi-Kenya under the leadership of the Rector Rev. Fr. James Mailady, SVD and the entire formation community, launched the commencement of its year-long silver jubilee celebration with a memorial tree planting ceremony within its compound on the 10th August, 2018.

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The CFC which was established in 1994, is one among the three Formation Centres in the SVD AFRAM Zone, where young men from our mission countries in Africa, receive their Post Novitiate training in an international, multi-cultural environment, before receiving their first missionary assignments.

The Rector in his introductory remarks, described the ceremony as a very unique gesture by the community, in creating awareness on the need to conserve the environment.  “In-spite of all what we hear and see, there is hope for conservation”, he said. “The very presence of the two Kenya Forest Department (KDF) Conservation officers was a sign of support and encouragement”, he added. We have a choice to do something or to do nothing.  As a community we have decided to do something and we invite everyone to do the tiny bit that he or she can to make our environment better than it is now.

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Present at the ceremony was the Provincial Superior Rev. Fr. Anthony Amissah, SVD, together with our SVD Confreres from the Nairobi district. Also in attendance were some invited Religious and lay family friends, our CFC Co-workers and two representatives from the Kenya Forestry Department (KFD). In all, a total number of 225 trees were planted to mark the event. The ceremony was finally concluded with High Tea and a volleyball match organized by the Confreres present.

By Frt. Jerome

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