The Mission Need to Go on

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As Jesus was preparing to ascend to his Father, he made his disciples understand that he intended that the mission which he had began with them, should continue even after he had left.  Thus he commanded them to go to all the ends of the earth making disciples  for him (Mt.  28:19-20).


But St.  Paul poses a very important question: ‘How can they know Christ unless someone preaches to them?’ (Rm.  10:14-15).

It is in realization of this mandate to collaborate in his mission that we must always find more young men willing to follow in the footsteps of the the disciples in the mission of Christ because there is still more to be done for the world to really know Christ.


Today the 22/05/2015 the vocation office in Arusha district led by the director Fr. Norman Labutan,  held a “Come and See” program for our young aspirants. Three of them are from our own Epiphany Parish in Burka. The other two came from outside Arusha. One of them indeed came to know us through this platform.

The program included showcasing of our SVD charism, Missions in Kenya and Tanzania and particularly the different apostolate that define us as SVDs.

We congratulate the aspirants for this initial step and all the confreres in Arusha for facilitating the program.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  SVD

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