The Shadow of my Tree


Earlier on I wrote an article about: “Trees do not rain,  they are planted”. Well another misguided conviction that many peope have is that one cannot plant a tree and enjoy its shadow.  They say trees take time to grow.

This is a myth and not true and this is why.  It is only about two and half year that I planted the Christmas tree in the picture above, in Emboret Simanjiro, after cutting down the trunk of one which was dead and dry.  Last Sunday I went back there and enjoyed its shadow.


Some years ago we planted some trees in Soweto parish, in the middle of the Soweto slam and if you go there now you will be amazed at how big they are. This year only with the youth from Matepes we planted some trees. Here is how the look now.


The kind of weather pattens we are experiencing now – prolonged droughts and too much rainfall – is a clear sign of and environment that is reacting to the destruction of trees by us humans.

Let us all take responsibility and plant some trees for us and the next generations to benefit from them.

Fr.  Lawrence Muthee,  SVD

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