The Solemn and Permanent Yes


It is that thing that only the individual person can know for certain about himself and cannot be read taught or explained in its depths. It is only the one who lives the experience that becomes certain that indeed this is what everything else is all about. I am talking of DISCERNMENT. It is a jargon used mostly in religious circles and for the secular world, it may be understood differently.

Today 3 young men (now famous as The “Tripple A”): Alex (Kenya), Asante (Ghana) and Anthon (Zambia) y, Missionaries of the Society of The Divine Word, concluded their discernment journey today and crowned it with the solemn profession of Perpetual Vows as religious missionaries. This means that after years of self scrutiny and formation in different discplines and in different parts of the world, these 3 young men have made their mind that they would like to give their lives to the mission of the Kingdom of God in a close imitation Jesus the Christ. This is what it means to be a missionary.

Here is an excerpt from the Facebook wall of one of them about their journey that has reached its climax today:

9 years down the memory lane: it was on that Monday morning, 4th of august 2008, that we, ( Frank, Samuel, Stephen, Daniel and myself) arrived in Tamale to start our missionary and religious vocation with the Divine Word Missionaries as a postulants. Now, pray with us (Alex, Tony and myself) as we will consecrate ourselves to God as Divine Word Missionaries (SVD), tomorrow, 5th August, 2017. See what the Lord has done! I will make myself available to all so that I may win some for Christ.

The colourful ceremony took place at the SVD Common Formation Center, in Langata Nairobi, and was presided by Fr. Anthony Amissah, the Provincial Superior, Kenya-Tanzania Province. Present also were many SVD confreres, the families of the newly professed confreres and their representatives, the Friends of SVD – a lay associates group, the choir from Kayole, their classmates and friends.

in the same celebration, 13 of their younger confreres renewed their religious vows.

The three are going out of Africa to other continents, two to Latin America and one to Europe. We want to wish the new missionaries God’s blessings and health as they prepare for the next step, that will be the ordination to the Holy Orders.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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