A game of Volley for the youth of SVD Epiphany Parish in Arusha, Tanzania




Last february, we made a Volleyball pitch for our young people in Epiphany Parish in the Archidiocese of Arusha-tanzania. When we began, only a few of them had a slight idea about the game. Almost five months after, many of them have learnt how to play and have come to love the game, such that they want to play even at night.

The intention of starting this game was not only to bring the young people together during there free time, but also to help them develop a number of life-skills that a game of volleyball helps to develop. Among others, is the ability to work as a team, the ability to accept defeat and celebrate victory, physical and mental exercise, to develop a spirit of tolerance and come to the realization that no one can play the game of  life alone, among others

We meet at 4.30pm-6.30pm during the weekdays. On Saturdays we do not play because we have choir practice for the English Mass that is led by them. On Sundays we meet in the morning for mass, then at 3pm we meet for our sharing session in which we discuss different issues that affect the day to day lives of the youth and we end with a volleyball match.

Through these activities we have seen a huge and positive transformation of our young people.

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD

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