About SVD Kenya-Tanzania Province

Divine Word Missionary Congregation is a Missionary Congregation in the Catholic Church that endeavour to bring Christ to the people of all nations, tribes and languages all over the world. Our main calling is to make know the Divine Word to all through preaching and living the Scriptures, through communications (different media), through preaching of Justice and peace and the integration of all creation and through Mission Animation, cultivating enthusiasm for the Christian values.

Divine Word Missionary Congregation (popularly called Verbites or the Divine Word Missionaries, and sometimes the Steyler Missionaries) was establish in Steyl in the Netherlands in 1875 by Arnold Janssen, a diocesan priest . In Kenya-Tanzania province, it was established towards the end of the year 1984, during that time as a region. We serve in two dioceses in Kenya namely: Nairobi Archdiocese and Eldoret Diocese and in the Archidiocese of Arusha in Tanzania, where we run 4 parishes and one parish Elect. In Nairobi we run a Boys Boarding Secondary School.

Contact us through:

Provincial House
Post: Divine Word Missionaries
P.O. Box 63724 / 00619-Muthaiga / Nairobi
Res.: 26 Rosslyn Close / Redhill Rd., Gigiri / Nairobi
Tel.: [+254] (20) 269 4452


P.O. BOX. 7591, Arusha, TANZANIA

Countrys overview


Area – 581.309 km2
Population – 45.000.000
Density – 78/km2
Catholics – 33%
SVD since 1984
SVD Confreres – 55


Area – 947.303 km2
Population – 50.700.000
Density – 47/km2
Catholics – 23%
SVD since 1960
SVD Confreres – 8

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